I recently had a concussion that caused vision issues. I had double vision which made it difficult to read, use the computer, or watch TV. Even walking was a challenge. Dr. Richard did a complete eye exam, including testing with the latest equipment. She asked a lot of questions to analyze the difficulties my eyes and brain were having working together. She was able to order a lens with a prism that has totally alleviated my vision issues. Thank you Dr. Richard!

Dr Richard has seen all the members of my family. She helped me find the right glasses for myself, saw my daughter when she was having headaches in school (though much to my daughter's disappointment she did not need glasses 😛 ) Just last week she saw my son and we went back yesterday for further evaluation to start prism therapy and could not be happier or more excited. Dr Richard is extremely thorough and makes sure everything is explained in terms you can easily understand and has been extremely patient and understanding of my extremely active 3 year old, fitting him for glasses is no easy task but she did it and he is over the moon excited to get them and has been telling everyone about his "gray glasses Dr Missy is getting him" Highly Highy recommend!

Very friendly, professional staff. Doctor was personable and took the time to explain what everything was/did and answered all my questions! Highly recommend for any age!

My stepdaughter had her first eye visit here. She was a little nervous to go, but after the first couple of minutes in the office she felt very comfortable. The examination process was simple. My stepdaughter had a great time choosing glasses and was pleased with the wonderful selection. I also got a very nice pair of sunglasses for myself! I would highly recommend Spectrum Vision Care.

Best progressive prescription ever. No trouble getting used to them and really cute.

I am not one for letting anyone near my eyes, but Dr. Richard made me so comfortable that I forgot all about my phobia. The atmosphere and staff were so nice and relaxing I can see why people that I have talked to are patients, and their children as well. I have been to dozens of eye doctors and store fronts. I think I have finally found one that is a keeper. On a side note, the fact that it is in an old farm house is so cool. I am in construction and I must say that they did a magnificent job.

Fantastic staff, beautiful building, and great selection of glasses!! It was nice to see that they maintained the charm of the old Bucks County farmhouse, while outfitting it with all of the newest technology which my old eye doctor didn't have. I happened to be there only to bring my mom in for an exam, who suffers from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), but then ended up finding some sunglasses while I was waiting. They offered me an interesting screening (because of my family history of AMD), and now I have a baseline of these pictures that they took of my eyes to be proactive to that disease. I'm bringing the rest of the family back for exams and glasses! They also give free exams to infants...my kids are too old now, but I wish that I had known about this - it would have been nice to know back then, since they all wear glasses now.

Great Dr. Caring, compassionate, thorough. I have worked with many eye Dr’s but very few as caring as Dr. Richard.

I recently had an appointment with Dr. Richard. I was diagnosed last fall with a cone dystrophy and had a ton of questions with regards to how it would impact my sight. She spent over 3 hours examining my eyes and explain my condition and what I could expect going forward. She went through all of the devices and gadgets that could help me with my vision issues. She made sure all of my questions were answered and that I was comfortable with our monitoring plan going forward. It was also extremely nice that she had the latest diagnostic tools in her office and I did not have to travel to another location.

Fantastic doctor! I know because I had the great pleasure and wonderful learning experience working with Dr. Richard! Can’t wait to become a patient of hers!

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